A hard money loan can be used to prevent foreclosure on a commercial property. A pending foreclosure can be stopped, if a property can be collateralized for up to 65% of its loan to value, based on the quick sale value of the property.

End of Construction Pay-Off Loans

If a developer has a construction project that is at least 65% completed, they can obtain a hard money loan to pay-off the construction lender and complete the project. A hard money loan can also be used to bridge the gap between a completed project and standard financing from a bank or traditional lender. With this loan, a developer can use the collateral of the current project to raise capital for the next project.

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Serving the investor community of Maryland, Baltimore City, DC and Northern Virginia since 1992 we provide a fast track seemless process to obtaining loans. Fast closings allow our investors to be in an adventageous position when purchasing a property.

Commercial Refinances

Commercial cash-out refinances allow you to extract equity from real estate you already own. It can be a quick way of generating additional work capital to be utilized as you see fit.

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Types of Properties and Deals We Do:

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